Weight loss/Getting fit/Getting healthy/etc is hard, maybe one of the hardest things you'll do. Celebrating the small wins along the way has been proven to help stay committed. This is a blog devoted to that reaching or looking forward to those celebrations. Submissions welcome.


snow-fee asked
I think your posts would be more legible if you put a font color that contrasts with the colors in the pictures. If you just put white font in darker pictures instead of the black one you always use it would be much more reader friendly :)

Hey, thanks for the response!  I try to use black on the light backgrounds and white on the dark ones.  The problem with some of the photos is that sometimes they’re both light and dark and then it means picking the color that looks the least-bad.  I’ve tried grey, which works sometimes too.  Someone suggested white outlined in black, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do that with the program I use.  It’s a work in progress, though!

Anonymous asked

thankyouthankyouthankyou!! I so so so appreciate the feedback.  I’ll do what I can and will just hope it works. xx

Anonymous asked
I like the images, too :) Just a hint, white text with a black outline is readable on any background, so you could keep the images and just change the text? ^.^

This is a great idea!  Thanks so much for response!  I really appreciate it since I kind of have no idea what I’m doing and two (or more) heads are better than one! xx


you guys fucking rule. Like seriously. I always saw people post shit like this and just thought to myself, "that's nice, I guess" and then immediately went back to scrolling again. BUT. I know, now. You are the best. The absolute fucking best. Even if the "non scale victories" weren't enough motivation for me, the other tumblrs sure as hell would be. This will probably be the last of my personal posts for a while now, because that's not the point of the blog : ) thanks for the feedback and keep it (and the submissions) coming if you've got it. xx

Anonymous asked
option c, fuck bitches

Okay, I also love you.  And I want to be best friends because in those few words you have come across as one of the coolest and most supportive people ever. ever.  So thanks :)

healthy-fit-sculpted asked
this blog is perffffffff

You are the BEST!!! I don’t think it can be underestimated how nice compliments are to hear/read.  Thanks! xx

Slight Dilemma

Hello Lovelies! Sorry I've been absent a bit lately and haven't gotten back to your messages in my inbox. I was out of town over the weekend and then had a busy week back. BUT - I want your feedback here : )

So - I've had some constructive criticism about the blog which sort of broke my heart because I'm a sad sack who's a little over-sensitive. I'm over it, but it begs a question and makes me want to hear from you.

The criticism was about font and pictures, basically that they're hard to read sometimes. I can absolutely see that with some, but I'm not super techie and am basically making these posts with limited knowledge. I picked to use pictures because I liked the message and sacrificed the legibility at times. I guess the options moving forward are as follows:

A) Re-do all of the posts with a blank color background, starting from the beginning and delete the oldies. (This is the one I'm leaning toward because I'm a little compulsive and would need the whole blog to match).

B) Add any new posts with just a blank color background

C) Keep going the way it is

D) Some other options I haven't thought of that you suggest

E) Shut it down

Sorry for the TLDR here, but this blog has been helping to keep me motivated and to focus on the positive and small victories. Since the activity is pretty regular it seems as if it's helpful to others as well (which is freaking AWESOME, so thanks!!!) and I just want to make it as user friendly as possible. Love to hear from ya!